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Graphic the Valley on “The Culture Buzz” Iowa

Letter From John Busbee, “The Culture Buzz” (scroll down to stream the radio show. Graphic the Valley is featured at 11:11, near the start of the show):

Greetings, Cultural Catalysts!

Ah, the challenges when creative critical mass is reached in one’s community and state! I will never truly complain about such a situation, for I believe it means that the overall wealth of our state’s communities is more vibrant than ever, as having the cultural element be so strong assures that the rest of the community is strong as well. Since we now must more carefully consider how best to plan our cultural explorations and experiences, feel free to use these weekly conversations, insights, previews, news, and reviews to help guide your choices.

This week’s show features one of Iowa’s best visual artists, Linda Lewis, as well as conversations with great authors (that’s the only kind of author I bring to you folks), and a couple of things most theatrical: the review for the Des Moines Playhouse’s current show, “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” and a preview about StageWest Iowa’s next season. Plus, there wasn’t even room to re-play the conversation with Lorenzo Sandoval and Robin Heinemann about this week’s free public performance of “Othello” at the Simon Estes Amphitheatre downtown – check that out at

Plus, there are three exceptional and diverse literary offerings. Minnesota author Catherine Holm returns to Iowa for two presentations and signings this weekend. Peter Brown Hoffmeister tells his compelling process as he talks about his newest book. And, a book I find much more than “just a book” is JD Messinger’s inspirational resource, “11 Days in May: The Conversation that Will Change Your Life.” Great stuff to stimulate your mind!

So, dive in to this week’s show, and the bounty of wondrous cultural offerings throughout our region. Thanks for incoming ideas, suggestions and information. Keep that input coming!

Creatively yours,

John Busbee


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