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What Does Setting Spray Do?

Summer is the season everyone wants with countless outdoor activities and countless cute outfits you can wear!

Yet, it can also irk your ire with the humid heat it brings, making you sweat and damage your make-up easily.

However, you can fight the heat and the humidity summer brings as long as you know the proper steps to do so.

You can protect and lock in your glamorous makeup look on the spot with the help of a good makeup setting spray.

Doubting and hesitating to use one just because you are unfamiliar with such a product?

Being unfamiliar with a makeup product and having second thoughts in acquiring it is a normal phase every consumer goes through.

It is also understandable to have doubts regarding a product, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.

But as long as you have the best setting spray for acne-prone skin, you will definitely cease your worries.

How? Let’s all find out!

What Does Setting Spray Do?

What is a Makeup Setting Spray?

For a better analogy, a makeup setting spray is like what the hairspray does to your hair after you finished styling it.

But unlike a hairspray, it is formulated to hold your makeup firmly in place containing a range of polymers and skincare ingredients.

It is a spray product that keeps the foundation smooth, non-streaking, non-cracking all day long even when you are outside hot weather.

Aside from making your makeup last for several hours, it also works as a moisturizing product for your makeup brushes and sponges.

It helps in moisturizing makeup tools such as makeup brushes and sponges for a clearer and smoother finish.

Why do you Need a Makeup Setting Spray?

Despite its popularity of what it does to your makeup, many people still do not use a makeup setting spray.

However, if you want your makeup to look exactly the way you first put it on, then a setting spray is a necessity.

If you want to keep your eyeliner, lipstick, and foundation in its beautiful and durable form, a Setting Spray will be essential.

A setting spray product can also help control the accumulated oil on your face for the entire day.

It can even protect your makeup from excessive sweating, which is proven to be helpful for those

A little spray can already go a long way!

Who should use setting makeup spray?

Just like any other makeup product, a setting spray may be harmful for your skin, especially if you have a sensitive and acne-prone one.

To cater to consumers who suffer from hormonal breakouts and other skin conditions, cosmetic companies create non-comedogenic sprays.

Others improve their product by creating oil-free formulas to lessen the probability of irritation and breakouts when using their products.

So if you have acne-prone skin yet want to use a setting spray, it might be necessary to read up the label before buying it.

Make sure you choose those that have mattifying formulas which keep the oil at bay to prevent clogged pores and blackheads.

You can also choose a setting spray featuring all-natural ingredients and inflammatory properties.

Moreover, you can also choose fragrance-free setting sprays to avoid a nasty breakout later.

How Does One Use a Setting Spray?

Using a setting spray is similar to using a hair spray by pressing on the nozzle and spritzing out its contents on your face.

However, there is more to just spritzing the product on your face!

Shake the bottle first to ensure that a fine spray is produced and not some unwanted splotches.

For best results, hold the bottle 20 centimeters away from your face and spray evenly on every makeup product you want to set.

Let the applied product air dry and fully sink in to your skin to avoid smearing your makeup later on.

Product buying guide

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

This lightweight formula product assures you with a durable and very light makeup layer.

Urban Decay’s Setting Spray line comes in three different types: Oil Control (Alkaline), Long Lasting (long-lasting) and Cooling & Hydrating (cool & moist).

One of the highlights of Urban Decay is its Temperature Control technology feature.

This feature helps lock your makeup while creating a refreshing feeling and moisturizing the skin.

The disadvantage of this product, however, is its high price ($ 30 before tax) but other than that, it is a great product!

Tarte Miraculous Marajuca Makeup Setting Spray

Vitamin C is the secret ingredient of this product that helps firm and lighten the skin.

In addition, this product also contains Marajuca Oil, which helps moisturize and brighten the skin very well.

The best thing about this product is that it can be used both as a setting spray and as a primer.

It is easy to use, lightweight, odorless, and compact, helping you keep your makeup last all day long.

But High price and difficult to buy ($ 28 before taxes).

Smash Box Primer Water

Smash Box Primer Water is silicone-free, alcohol, oil and fragrance-free primer that works both as a primer and setting spray.

It moisturizes and smoothes your face without smudging your makeup.

Moreover, it contains gentle ingredients and easily absorbs into your skin.

Bobbi Brown Face Mist

It is more than a spray as it also works as a face Mist moisturizing and cooling your skin giving it a healthy glow.

With or without makeup, this lightweight, nutrient-rich formula is an indispensable product of the day.

Moreover, it contains highly nutritious formulas good for the skin.

Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Setting Spray

Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Setting Spray is a gentle and fine spray featuring a glorious scent.

It is applicable for all skin types, small and locks in your makeup up for eight to ten hours.

A caution when using this product, make sure not to apply it too close as it can cause makeup streaks.

E.l.f Makeup Mist and Set

This product has a fairly sensitive ingredient list for anti-parabens because there are 5 Parabens in this product.

Aside from parabens in its ingredients, it is pretty, gentle, and suitable for many skin types.

Cons: The ability to lock on makeup is not as high as ads

NYX Cosmetics Makeup Setting Spray Matte/Dewy Finish

If you prefer a long-lasting makeup, try the super convenient and cheap product from NYX.

A downside to this product is its packaging, which is a little bulky as compared to other setting products.

Too Cool For School Perfect Day Makeup Fixer Spray

With a Sulfate and Phthalates-free ingredients list, Too Cool For School Perfect Day Makeup Fixer Spray is the one for you.

It promises to be the hero of your day to help you fight against vandals of sweat and oil.

It features a gentle scent and fine spray coming from its nozzle and lands on your skin as gentle as a fog.


To have a problematic-free Summer season, make sure you choose the best setting spray for acne skin.

Meticulously check its ingredients list to avoid nasty breakouts so you can sashay freely with your unblemished face.

Consider the price and the size of the spray bottle, and reviews for the product in choosing the best products for acne-prone skin.

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